Photos of Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University
Academy for a Better World
Mount Abu, .Rajasthan - India - 1998

  We do not become
..dependant on the
..elements. There is no
..need for palaces at the
..moment, we live with
..honesty, simplicity and
..the elements also give their co-operation.
..The sevadaris
..have to attain
..victory through
..spiritual endeavour
..Baba says do not
..depend on facilities . . . .

adi Janki


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Photo above taken at Dilwara Temple (Mt Abu) built by Jains - 1032 CE.
Of interest is statue depicting ancient diety soul
in a state of connected meditation - with eyes wide open.
Why meditate with eyes wide open? So you can do it anywhere, any time and

in any situation. Why would one want to communicate with eyes wide shut?

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