June 1965
At age 16, I took the over-night train from Montreal to Chicago.  I didn't sleep much that night because of the excitement of knowing I was going to play hockey in another country that summer - every Canadians dream.

I had been invited, along with my younger brother Jeff,  to play college hockey in Mexico City .  Before leaving, Nana Ford gave me a journal she explained was the tradition when people of her day traveled. For the next 15 years or more, I faithfully kept it current on a daily basis.

As for how this hockey sojourn came about... this will be the subject of another tale but for now, all you need to know is that my 1st international  travel experience was considerable.

My most significant remembrance was wondering why I decided to agree to this experience in the first place. It meant leaving my friends and buddies for the summer of '65 behind. Before leaving, I had really wondered why I decided to leave my friends for the summer of 65.

A deal is a deal so I went and afterwards I was glad at the decision.  After the experience, I learned that even though it is easier and safer to stay at home with your friends... travel expands ones scope and consciousness. 

Never was I to learn this more than when I left in 1967 to live and work on Mackinac Island in the straights of Michigan with and international group for young people from around the globe.

  . . . but more about that later