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SKF - Fall 1967


With sincere regret we announce the death of Maurice Ford at 6 P.M. Tuesday, September 27th, 1967, in his 82nd year. Fordie, as he was more affectionately known by his SKF friends, retired from the Canadian SKF company in 1964. He was born in England and emigrated to Canada 67 years ago. Before World War I Fordie worked for the Saskatchewan Hail Insurance Commission. On August 6th, 1914, he enlisted for active service with the 95th Saskatchewan Rifles, later the same year he was transferred overseas to serve with the Ilth Reserve Battalion in England. He was again transferred, this time to the 28th Battalion 6th Brigade, on August 1916 he was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant and moved with the Battalion to France where he remained until armistice was signed.

On returning to England Lieutenant Maurice Ford joined the Military Y.M.C.A. branch and returned to Regina November 1919, he was then appointed assistant to Captain P. C. Reed, officer in charge of Military Y.M.C.A. work in the Regina area. The appointment was made by the National Council of the Y.M.C.A. and the field work comprised of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the Saskatchewan Sanatorium at Fort Qu'Appelle, The Red Triangle Hut at Regina and the Earl Grey Hospital.

After serving in the field, Fordie then became superintendent of a boys' home in Winnipeg.

Later he joined the staff of the Canadian SKF Company, then located at Bay Street in Toronto. and at the date of retirement Fordie had completed 26 years of service with the Company.

Many of the employees past and present will remember his untiring service as Welfare Officer and as President of the Canadian SKF Social Club.

Our sympathy is extended to Mrs. Florence Ford and their only daughter Peggy (Mrs. Salvis) and family of Montreal. The work and efforts of Maurice Ford will remain with us as part of the history and the foundation of our Social Club.

Photo above was taken on the occasion of 25 years service at SKF.