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Thought I'd share some of what I do in my spare time - photography and graphics.  The project on the right was and CD cover.  The background was taken from a painting that hung on the wall of the artists living room.  He said he wanted to use it somehow.  

Y (1).jpg Y (2).jpg Y (3).jpg
The other photos are ones I came across while looking for the CD Graphics.  Here is another proposed CD cover, some graphics I developed related to employee Learning Plans and a fashion related project I worked on year before last. Y (4).jpg Y (5).jpg Y (6).jpg
Here's another of at fashion project. Interesting how the same photo got reused.  The lady in red was at another fashion shoot and back in 1989 I had the fortune of touring Northeast India. Y (7).jpg Y (8).jpg Y (9).jpg
Here are a couple of photos of Carol - my mate. And a one-of-a-kind CD cover for a musician friend. Y (10).jpg Y (11).jpg Y (12).jpg
Way back when, a friend of mine ran security at the Montreal Forum. ect. etc. Y (13).jpg Y (14).jpg Y (15).jpg
Here's Carol again and a shot of the Taj Mahal taken in 1998 Y (16).jpg Y (17).jpg HOME