The Godly Blog

A Monotheistic Perspective


I think a lot about our host planet.  We come here, we live, we do and we die. 

The obvious questions are where was I before I came here and where do I go when after I die?  The next questions is, who or what am I? 

There are not too many directions a response to the first 2 questions can take you. One could easily suppose I come from my point of origin and this is where I will ultimately return at some future point in time - but what happens after that? More on that later. 

In terms of who or what I am, this question has been discussed by philosophers for eons. The point is ultimately this - do I live in a universe of design and pattern or do I exist in a happenstance - a fluke? Is the Universe part of a plan or is it an arbitrary configuration of things (matter) and events (drama)? 

So, who am I?

I am a soul else I am an arbitrary assemblage of molecules that exists within an arbitrary event in an arbitrary universe over which I have no connection or control and I know that is not true.  Hells bells, me and the other souls on this planet have so much control over the universe that surrounds us, we are on the verge of destroying the very environment that sustains us. Now that's power.

Religion and science try to provide answers to fundamental questions - one through logical rational evidence while the other through metaphor, symbolism, ritual and belief.  Science, on the one hand, is engaged in a progressive discovery of truth while religion attempts explains reality in absolute, immutable terms which was were mystically extended to us by the creator herself through avitars, mystics, religious and spiritual teachers.

Now God did not start off alone.  In her earliest manifestations she took many forms.  There was the God of war, wealth, wind and so on.  If you had a question, there was probably a god out there that could provide an answer for you.  The gods provided us with answers - explanations of the world around us.  We, in the "west", now believe that there is but one God that serves Jews. Christians and Muslims.  Yet the struggles between the Jewish, Christian and Muslim nations escalating along with the rise in religious fundamentalism. 

But I digress.

Who am I, where did I come from and why am I here - these are the questions that perplex many of us.  Many seek answers in through religious worship or devotional service.  Others through spiritual study, experimentation and knowledge.  Others search for truth and meaning through science, rational logic and proof.  I have looked for answers anywhere I can find them.

This blog is about a spiritual journey of a lifetime.  You see, I believe there are things you cannot know or understand unless you believe in them first. This approach to learning is both scientific and spiritual.  It combines full participation in life with the ability to detach and observe oneself as one experiences the future as it is about to happen - the here and now. The approach I am describing involves active participation in this thing called life.  My university professor described it in terms of participant/observer.  One who can accurately predict the outcome of ones own behavior as we intervene in the lives of those around us.  In this way I have believed that we create the life in which we live.

I hope you will join me as I expose some thoughts, beliefs, perceptions and assumptions about what it is we are living through - sometimes referred to as the eternal world drama.