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Presented by: John W. Salvis

September 17, 2008


They tell me that I first saw the light of day October 27 1921, at St. Michael’s Hospital born to a single mother of Hungarian descent.  Living on McCall St. I first attended Orde St. and Hester How Schools, which was the site of the original Elizabeth playground - then back to Orde Street School to complete my public school education.  This was followed by two years at Jarvis Collegiate and the remaining three at Harbord Collegiate which ended my formal schooling.

It was while living on Major St. that I was introduced to Lizzies by Sol Bergstein, better known a Panco, and that’s where my love of sports was nourished because of the great camaraderie of the players and encouragement of coaches, for example, Bob Abate, Matt Eckler and Frank Cornack. I believe we won championships every year in both basketball and softball.

Following my school years I worked at several laborious jobs until I found my niche in the textile business in downtown Toronto. Then the war came along and I felt the need to do one’s duty and at the age of 19 I not only joined the RCAF but also became engaged to my wife Peggy and we married just 12 days before being sent overseas for three and a half years.  Needless to say the union worked out quite successfully as we have celebrated 66 years of wedlock.

The following years we were blessed with 4 wonderful children and then my job with Dominion Textiles took us all to the Montreal area where we spend 26 wonderful years where I still managed to stay active in sports by coaching minor league football and later as a playing coach of a fastball team for several years – well into my forties.

By 1980, as our children had all found themselves working and living in the Toronto area - where Peggy and I had decided to retire - the company had an opening for an office manager in Toronto which I applied for and was given the position in 1983. We settled in Mississauga where I renewed my relationship with Lizzies Old Timers Association.