More amazing than the organization were the people who planned, organized and delivered NSYS program activities.


So who were they and what ever became of them?

Who What  






After graduating, in 1972, from the YMCA training school at Concordia University, John worked professionally with on the West Island and as Director of Community Services with the NDG YMCA before moving to Toronto to work with the Government of Ontario as a Community Recreation Consultant.  Still employed by the province, John now works as a Business Solutions Consultant in the area of Information and Technology with the Ministry of Tourism and Recreation.






Bill was, and continues, to be the glue that binds. Following his community development work on the North Shore - Bill became Director of the West Island YMCA - later assuming a leadership responsibilities with the Montreal "Y".

After senior management experience with the Montreal "Y", Bill relocated to Halifax to to become regional manager covering Quebec and the Maritimes.

Today, Bill retired from active life in the Y but continues to link his high level networking skills with a bottom line approach that delivers results..






Upon graduation from university and NSYS, Bob initiated the West Island Juvenile Diversion Project - after which he became director of the NDG YMCA and eventually assuming leadership capacities with Canadian International YMCA.

After the Y, Bob worked for several years with the McConnell Foundation eventually extending his consulting capabilities to the Asia Development Bank in Manila.

Now (2004) Robert is an independent consultant who, in his spare time, is writing a book on Philanthopy.

Today, Bob spend most of his life in Bangkok and enjoys playing golf with his Montreal friends during July and August.





After graduation, Alan left NSYS to accept a journalist position with the North Shore News. From there he became a local TV correspondent for CBC in Montreal - then to Quebec City. After joining CTV, he spent several years as Bureau Chief in Moscow and Washington. After a few years with award winning investigative journal W5, Alan moved to Vancouver to set up shop as a private consultant.   Vancouver




After NSYS, Marshal left corporate marketing for accounts like Air Canada and started his own successful marketing/advertising agency. He's the guy that invented advertising on your shopping cart.

Currently retired and living in Toronto, Marshall enjoys his summers and grandkids in Honey Harbour..





After Chairing the North Shore Youth Services Board, Gerry went on to become Mayor for the City of Dollard des Ormeaux. He later went on to serve as Minister of Multiculturalism and Citizenship with the Federal Government of Canada- and became the first Jewish Member of Cabinet - more.  






Following his work with NSYS and the West Island Juvenile Diversion Project, Russ worked with Alliance Quebec then successfully became a member of the Quebec National Assembly where, in his 4rd term, he represented the provincial riding of Nelligan - until becoming president of Canada's Research-Based Pharmaceutical Companies on 2004.   Ottawa




After the NSYS years, Gary studied communications a Boston University. Upon returning to Montreal he did a brief stint at CFCF TV as creative mind behind a game show called "Mad Dash". Gary returned to school at Osgoode Hall, specializing in copy right law. Following several years as VP at CTV and with Global CanWest , Next Gary moved to Corus Entertainment in 2004 where he is General Counsel and Vice President of of Corporate and Regulatory Affairs  







Jim left youth work with NSYS, relocated to Toronto from Montreal and operated the men's shelter at the "Old" Toronto YMCA - called Stop-Over. In the early 1980, Jim was elevated to YMCA "head office" where he reconnected with Big John Salvis who by then was working with the Province of Ontario to secure a grant for $5,000,000 for the construction of a new Toronto facility. Today Jim manages new facility development throughout the Metropolitan YMCA system and consults with YMCA's across North America..   Toronto




Over all these years, Doug Howes has faithfully continued his work with young people. As student advisor at Marianapolis College in Montreal, Doug encouraged.young people to live, learn and express those things that were really important. Due to health concerns, retired from community college but continues to remain active in community affaires - click here.   Montreal




Continues to do community service work with West Island Shares.




Richard Patten 


Rick was instrumental in helping NSYS organize its international development component and student exchange to Guyana. He continued doing international development work with the Montreal and National YMCAs. Today Rick is the Ontario MPP for Ottawa Centre.   Ottawa

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