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  NORTH SHORE YOUTH SERVICES was born in the 1970's from a need to reach out to young people who were dealing with "real life" issues but did not trust existing community institutions to help them resolve conflicts related to family, drugs, sexuality and societal alienation. How to develop trust, understanding, as well as, ground level support services for teenagers "at risk" became the challenge of a team dedicated to creating new ways of working with young people in the Montreal communities of Pierrefonds, Dollard des Ormeaux and Roxboro.
  Early on in the process, Marshal McLagan and John Salvis, of Roxboro, recognized the need and opportunity to develop ways of resolving issues affecting young people.  Together with YMCA Outreach Worker - Bill Pigott - that's me, they mapped out a blueprint for community youth action. It was named NORTH SHORE YOUTH SERVICES (NSYS) and became a model of local community development and change on the West Island of the City of Montreal. - click me.
Thirty+ years after its inception, NSYS continues to be present in mind, body and spirit amongst those who followed. Having pioneered the YMCA Juvenile Diversion program, NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH and a variety of models of community-youth development, this association of people continues to expand and discover new ways of influencing the future.

The individuals who provided staff and volunteer leadership for NSYS continue to share a special life-long bond. . . . One forged from an unshakable understanding that young people are always worth it. Their dedication and commitment was only surpassed by their determination to create the kind of community that serves the future and where change sticks.

Although NSYS no longer exists in reality, staff and volunteers have gone on to fulfill a number of leadership roles at local, provincial, national and international levels - this in a cross-section of business, education, media, political and  volunteer sector endeavours. In their own ways, NSYS founders continue to build just communities wherever they go. Visit the "Then & Now" page to see what these same people are up to - today.

The legacy of NSYS is the indomitable spirit of people who believed in themselves, each-other and the unlimited potential in human-kind to shape the futures in which they live - empowering the self to do what it believes.... next


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