Details of Nomination Form

Nomination Submitted by:

Janet Rudd
Coordinator, Field Services
Entrepreneurship & Field Services
Corporate and Field Services Division
Room 757, Hearst Block
900 Bay Street, Toronto
Tel: 325-6535


John Salvis
Projects Analyst
Information and Technology Systems Branch
3rd floor, Hearst Block, 900 Bay Street
326-0573 (at MBS)

Date Created:

March 22, 2000



John Salvis typifies everything one would consider exceptional in a number of areas - customer service being only one of them. What makes this nomination particularly important is that John's work on our behalf crosses traditional customer service areas and expectations. John has a very holistic approach to IT projects, encompassing acute technical skills as well as a very client/user operational approach.

John was instrumental in helping Field Services design and implement a technology-based program for our Community Economic Profiles. As a result, this new Lotus-based approach has streamlined administrative work and improved emphasis on content, accuracy and access.

Over a two year period, John not only provided an interface with the IT programmer to broker our needs but worked closely with me and a core committee of field staff to understand our needs and plan out various phases of this project. John has been consistently accessible to field staff at all levels from the regional manager, to business consultants and administrative staff. He willingly fielded calls from staff over a period of several months as we worked through the implementation process. Letters of support from the field staff committee clearly demonstrate their appreciation for John's efforts on our behalf. As issues were identified by staff, John would immediately use these problems to populate the Help function on the database. As a result, we now have a very rich and wonderfully graphic help function, John even prepared a hard copy Help manual in full colour for my reference which I intend to copy for regional staff.

Our Community Economic Profiles are in much demand with Cabinet Office for Premier's tours and also with both Ministers and other MPPS. The work done to date serves us extremely well as we move forward to investigate intranet/internet access and will likely prove to be an excellent vehicle to incorporate additional economic data gathered by other areas of the ministry. In fact, Cabinet Office is anxious for our work to continue and openly expressed their wish that other ministries were as equally focussed on them as a corporate client.

John is currently on secondment with Management Board, although he was still with us at MEDT when we began to put together this nomination. John has committed to continue to support us on further developments with this project, despite his secondment. This could mean participating in further presentations on the Community Economic Profile project and working with us on future phases. This alone demonstrates his commitment and sincere desire to facilitate a workable technology solution for us at the ministry.

Attached please find letters of support from field staff across the province, including administrative assistants and business development consultants - CLICK 1, 2, 3, 4.




Janet Rudd
March 28, 2000